Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch lettuce growing at Deer Pond Gardens.

Buttercrunch lettuce growing at Deer Pond Gardens.

Buttercrunch lettuce is beautiful — it looks like a large green rose growing in the garden. Its thick, succulent leaves are perfect in salad, providing a crunch and crispness that pleases the palate. Buttercrunch grows well throughout the season, and is known for NOT turning bitter in the hot weather.

A good source of vitamin A, Buttercrunch lettuce is great in more than salads — we used it in our Hot Steak Sandwich with Organic Lettuce Sexily Draped atop (this sounded so much better than “wilted”), and the green of the lettuce contrasted with the deep brown of the gravy and the seared meat.

The seeds for our Buttercrunch lettuce come from Territorial Seed Company, a privately held seed company with extremely high standards of quality. Deer Pond Garden gardener Jordan Henderson makes regular plantings of 25-50 Buttercrunch lettuces per week.

At Deer Pond Gardens, we grow Buttercrunch readily throughout the season, so if you have never tried it before and think that Romaine lettuce is a walk on the wild side, find us at the Dayton, WA Saturday Farmer’s Market beginning March 24 and make something extra special for dinner!


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